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After 5 life-changing years of serving children and their families in sub-Saharan Africa, Mission Providence has made the difficult decision to close its doors. This decision is based on a lack of sufficient funding to continue through 2014.

When we informed Durban Child Welfare of our need to close the baby home later this year, they decided it best to move babies to other baby homes sooner rather than later. We know the crisis parents they will be placed with and we will ensure a smooth transition for them.

We continue to need your support until August 1, 2014. Funds will continue to support Blessed Beginnings Baby Home until it officially closes on April 30, 2014. After that we will focus on transitioning back home to the USA.

These past 5 years have been a tremendous journey; from setting up feeding/care points in Swaziland (serving meals for about 300 children per week) to establishing our Blessed Beginnings baby rescue home in Durban, South Africa. Your support has helped us touch the lives of countless children and their families, especially the 12 babies we’ve had at the home.

From the bottom of our hearts: Thank you for all of your support, thoughts, and prayers. You have seen the joy, the hope, and the smiles as each story of heart-breaking abandonment became — with your help — a blessed beginning!

Love, The Sheasbys


Why did the funding dry up?

It could be due to the global economic downturn but we simply do not know.

What about my support: didn’t it matter?

Absolutely, it mattered. Because of your sacrificial donations we were able to continue the caring for the babies we have and will do so until Blessed Beginnings Baby Home closes April 30, 2014

What about the children’s care? Who will love them now?

We have worked with Durban Child Welfare and they will be moved to other crisis homes like ours. As this is a close knit group of like minded people we know the homes they will be transitioning to.

I believe in the cause: Who can I continue to support?

Contact Stephen and he will put you in direct contact with some of the other homes.

What will the Sheasbys do now?

Stephen will look for another job. Exactly what that will be is hard to say as it is difficult to find a job when you are 10,000 miles away.

What’s the timeframe?

Baby home closes April 30, packing & shipping during May, good bye tour to family in June, return to the US early July.

How has MP’s financial needs changed now?

Our year end gifts were diminished compared to previous years, monthly expenses have outrun monthly donations and no new sustained monthly funds were raised or secured, our largest supporter has had a change in focus which has meant that we can no longer sustain operations.

Mission Providence Closure Announcement